Online casino banking in New Zealand

It has been difficult to find an online casino in New Zealand as the banking method support has been lacking. Players could not find casinos that support the most popular and available New Zealand banking methods. Times, they are a-changing. New casinos are entering the New Zealand gambling market. It is easy as pie to find out a comparative sites, containing lists of new online casinos and the banking methods that they support along with their games and supported currencies. Just do a quick search on newzealand-online-casino and the information will pop up. This will be a starting point for some research.

What are the most popular online banking methods in New Zealand?

Today there are many different banking methods that are used in online commerce and at online shopping portals. The question is whether they are also supported by online casinos. With online gambling legislation in New Zealand always being a bit murky and confusing, the previous range of online casinos basically by default supported credit cards and bank transfers. The new wave of online casinos have made sure to do their homework and whatever banking methods are trending in a new country, they make sure to support those to make things easier for the players in their new markets.

  • Debit and credit cards
  • Electronic wallets
  • Crypto-currencies

Debit cards and credit cards have traditionally been the most popular form of banking method simply due to the fact that online commerce has been accepting these payment methods from the beginning. It was just logical that online casinos also accepted them as they were the style at the time. However, these banking methods still hold a place in the running and are still proving to be very popular with online casino dwellers. As an example, MasterCard is the top preferred credit card in New Zealand and boasts a 52% share. Therefore most online casinos in New Zealand will by default support this banking method.

E-wallets, like Masterpass or PayPal enable their users to add funds to virtual wallet. Money can be loaded from an online bank account or credit card. E-wallets have gained popularity in the online world over the last few years. It combines the security of credit cards but is a much faster payment method. It also brings an added advantage in that it is more anonymous than cards. Although there is a bit of set up work needed up front. Once all that is in place the player is good to go with safe, anonymous transacting at the online casino of his choice.

Apart from credit and debit cards and e-Wallets, there are also more progressive banking methods that are gaining popularity. Crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin have gained a volatile gain in popularity over the past decade and more and more online casinos are embracing this method. It features total anonymity and is also not governed by a central institution like with credit cards. In the end it is up to the player to insist that an online casino uses the payment method preferred by the player and not vice versa. The new breed of online casinos should be customer-centric enough to listen to the demands of their players.