Which Online Roulette is Fair?

When it comes to playing games from online casinos, lots of people still have the notion that everything will be against them, that somehow the games are rigged or that nothing is fair. When it comes to roulette, a lot of people as which is fair, which roulette game is better to play? Here we clear the matter up.

Getting Fair Gaming from Casinos Online

The idea of fairness begins with the casino and not the game. In fact, to be more specific, it is the game developers who are accountable and not the casino. The casino is only a platform to which games are stocked and presented to players, casinos neither design or make any of the games you play. But let’s look at the casino. In order to be a serving gambling site, they must first be licensed. If you were to head over here, you will find the top ten licensed sites in South Africa.

Once the license is obtained the casino can then approach developers to stock their lobby. Independent regulators then test these games and the algorithms. These top ten have been certified as fair and give you the best platform for experiencing roulette in, so you know where to begin when looking for the perfect online casino.

The Making of Online Roulette

Supplying your online casinos are the best developers. Names in this part of the industry include the likes of NetEnt, Elk Studio, Red Tiger, Evolution Gaming, Microgaming and so on. These developers design and produce the products you play on and it’s the generation of casino membership which fuels the rewards and jackpots which are played out. There are so few developers in the market that the same games are funnelled across many different sites online, with players chasing the same rewards. So, back to roulette. There are two formats, live and virtual. The live games are easy to make, you get a roulette table, roulette wheel and a dealer. The game is played via a live stream and bets are taken. There is no programming and winning is left purely to luck. Now, it doesn’t get fairer than that.

Now, with virtual games, they are built with algorithms that dictate the win. These are called the Random Number Generator games. The program will generate hundreds of random serial numbers and to win the prizes, the game numbers are coded with a serial number and whilst the roulette wheel is spinning the RNG will produce matching numbers and a series of alternatives. Winning comes from a match, it’s like having the digits to a bank vault, enter the matching ones and the money is yours. Now, this is as fair as it can be given this program is trying to accommodate millions of players that enjoy virtual roulette games.

Variants of the roulette table

There are many variants of the roulette table, you have games like French roulette which is slightly different to American roulette, which, in turn, is slightly different to European roulette, this is then different to the next variant and so on. Basically, no matter which game you play, the casino always has the edge and percentage-wise is can be between 4 and 6%, not this advantage may not seem fair but the size of the percentage is only because of the zero betting option, once you remove this from your play then it drops to 3% and lower.

So which roulette is fair? Well, all of them are as fair as they can be for both player and casino.